This portfolio shows the criativity, the skills and experiences that Ricardo always searches for in his musical career. Give a look to his most recent projects and his overall aproach to music.



Ricardo began in the percussion world as every young kid does, beating cans and annoying the hell out of everyone around him, atleast every young wannabe drummer did this. At the age of 5 he received a small kit from his grandmother on Christmas and he proceeded to not let that kit go until a long time after until 18 years old, in the meantime he blasted with fingers and empty water bottles to likes of Cradle of Filth, Nightwish, Arch Enemy and Exodus in the tablier of his father car. 

His teen years though he did not touched the drums altough the beast was inside but sleeping as you read of the fingers and empty water bottles.

Ricardo met a drumming kit 14 years after his first one, he bought one himself with the money given by his familiy on his birthday. This was a special dark time for him, as he was learning stuff that he never liked in the first place and all seemed dark and very foggy, until he looked inside himself and grabbed the beast inside by the neck, at the time he as a lot of young people was feeling that he was not good at nothing and the future just seemed grim by the perpective of a unhappy and unfullfiled life.

Ricardo was extremely unsatisfied with his current state and he started playing drums once again, all by himself in his room and once again annoying the shit out of everyone in that house and around it aswell, he was driven but most importantly he was happy, he found in that kit the salvation a lot of young people struggle to find, most of his time was passed jamming to the bands that gave him pleasure to listen to, in the beggining he was not even close to what the drummer in the band was playing but quickly he started to grab a grasp of it, especially double pedal, which was supposedly the hardest, Ricardo jammed to bands like Kreator, Amon Amarth, Slayer and Sepultura, these drummers were his idols, Ventor, Lombardo and Cavalera and his mission was to play exactly what they were playing in that album, in disregard of the gear used, time of practice or any other factor, he would only rest when the technique was very close to what he listened to.

At the age of 18, Ricardo decided to work, so he went to Switzerland with his uncle to do exactly that, he managed to get some money to buy his first accoustic kit and all he needed to play like he wanted to, he also managed to built a place to jam in his garage with the help of his father Mr. Paulo Tito.

And at the age of 20 he started playing the accoustic drum kit, as his first one was a Yamaha Eletric, he now has a Yamaha Stage Custom old model, the kit he plays until this day.

After some time playing he and some friends decided to form a band, this was a cover band of Powerwolf, did not went as they expected but perhaps it was for the very best.

Some time later he saw that All Against needed a new drummer, he was a bit apprehensive and perhaps not very confident but he knew that this was a chance he could not miss, and a bus he could not afford to let go if he wanted to rise to the next level, so with a bit of kick in the ass by his father, Ricardo decided to try his luck, as he believes luck has to be made if you someday wish to win something from it, he went then to the audition nervous as hell and with serious anxiety kickin in while he drove there, but a thing about him, is that no external factor was enough to cripple him to fight for his future and his goals, so he was driven to complete the mission at hand which was to destroy that kit in that audition and to leave that room as All Against new drummer. That was exactly what he did, but now the focus had changed, All Against had a show with Rasgo in Theatro Club (Cacém), and Ricardo with his zero live experience was looking forward to open for a band he saw open for Slayer, and once again that´s what he did, he learned the stuff and a month after he was assembling his Yamaha on the top of a stage, as strange as it looks he was not very nervous but his adrenaline was over the moon, especially when the crowd grew bigger in size and it was a big crowd as the show was delayed some hours.

It was finnaly show time and all that worried him in that moment was gone or used into fuel. The show went good but on Ricardo's perpective could have been a lot better, in between all that a guy just kept calling him, and he tought it was just some random drunk dude but it was a guy who really liked his performance and was asking for an autograph and his sticks, he was a bit mindblowed that in his first live show ever a guy just asked him for his sticks and gave him such words of good faith and appreciation.

Since then Ricardo did another shows with All Against travelling to Metalpoint in Porto, Side B in Alenquer, Rustykk in Olhão and Vialonga for the Vialonga 2019 Fest.

In the year of 2020 and with the world situation we all know, Ricardo recorded drums for his first album ever, I am Alive is the name of the album by All Against soon to be dropped in 2021, Ricardo also recorded drums for the first single of Cryptum which was already released and with a good critique!

These days Ricardo turned to Jazz to search for more stuff to compliment his playing, he studies in the Hot Club School of Jazz in Lisbon and he is on his first year of four.


My Path

Music Lessons

Self tought
Hot Club Jazz Portugal

Musical Colaborations

All Against

Live Shows

Theatro Club (Cacém)
Vialonga Fest (Vialonga)
Metalpoint (Porto)
Side B (Alenquer)
Rrusttyk (Olhão)


"Genius is its own reward; for the best that one is, one must necessarily be for oneself. . . . Further, genius consists in the working of the free intellect., and as a consequence the productions of genius serve no useful purpose. The work of genius may be music, philosophy, painting, or poetry; it is nothing for use or profit. To be useless and unprofitable is one of the characteristics of genius; it is their patent of nobility."

Arthur Schopenhauer




Yamaha Stage Custom 12", 13", 16", 22"


20" Meinl Classics Custom Dark Crash
18" Meinl Classics Custom Dark Crash
18" Meinl Classics Custom Dark China
10" Meinl Classics Custom Dark Splash
20" Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Ride
14" Sabian AAX Stage Hi Hat
10" Sabian AAX Aero Splash


Raj Drumsticks (Endorser)


Pearl P-2052C Eliminator Redline Pedal


Remo 12" Pinstripe clear

Remo 13" Pinstripe clear

Remo 16" Pinstripe clear

Remo 22" Powerstroke 3 clear


The Vratim Drum Shoe II.1 - Black (Endorser)


Pearl DR-80 Drum Rack


KZ In Ears ZS10 PRO 4


Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

Roland Acoustic Drum Trigger RT-30K, Kick


Shure PGA Drumkit 7


Behringer UMC1820


Behringer Xenyx 802




Current Bands



Thrash/Death/Hardcore/Groove Metal



Brutal Blackened Death Metal


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Photo by Ricardo Tito

Ricardo is without any doubt one of the best drummers that I know! His versatility and musicianship are remarkable and his evolution in these last few years is completely crazy! The fact that he can take any type of music that I write and create always that best and most adequate drum patterns or rhythm parts for it just makes him a great partner to work with. Another awesome aspect is that he's one of the chillest and friendliest dudes to work with, always having great ideias and ready to hear the others. I've been working with Ricardo for quite some time now and I really hope to continue doing so because I know that he's a great friend and the best man for the job!

David Pissarro (Ex. Cryptum, Psycho D, Producer)


Still young, Ricardo is now without a doubt one of the most promissing drummers in Portugal, altought playing Metal, the technique tought by Hot Club Portugal enables him to pay plenty of styles in a very competent way.
His participation in All Against without a doubt added value, as in the recording of new songs as in restructuring older ones.

Luís S. (All Against)




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